SAP calls S/4HANA as the next generation business suite. Are you already aware of the product features and release milestones of S/4HANA - the new Digital Core of an enterprise? We will help you understand Why S/4HANA matters.




Different customers have different needs, and different paths lead to S/4HANA; some customers require a business based approach while some choose to face the digital disruption technology platform first. We will you help you realize How to get to S/4HANA.




The third and final step is about execution. We can transform your existing ERP into the S/4HANA Digital Core in the least possible amount of phases. We can cover and integrate your Digital Core with commerce, customer engagement and analytics. We will help you implement What is required.


CBS and BILOT your SAP S/4HANA dream team


By joining forces Bilot and cbs Corporate Business Solutions will be able to provide a secure migration path and maximize the benefits of SAP S/4HANA to their customers. cbs Corporate Business Solutions has deep experience in most complex SAP ERP transformations and HANA migrations globally. Bilot is a pioneer and recognized leader in designing and deploying SAP solutions and simplifying digitalization within the SAP ecosystem. Bilot is Finland’s leading SAP service company with a sophisticated portfolio of services and solutions for commerce-driven business.